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MetLife 2-9 Dental

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Convenience. Service. Savings.

As the largest commercial dental carrier in the U.S.1, MetLife understands what employers and employees expect from dental insurance.

While all MetLife Dental plans offer employees the freedom to go to the dentist of their choice, MetLife offers a Preferred Dental Program network, with more than 69,000 dentists participating nationwide. Locate a MetLife PDP Dentist.

What's Available:

  • Network Plan options minimize out-of-pocket costs.
  • Outstanding Claims service - 98% of claims processed within 10 days, with 99% accuracy. 2
  • Continuity of coverage prevents loss or gain of coverage when transferring carriers.
  • VisionSavings Eyecare Program - a vision benefits program available to small employers who offer MetLife Dental insurance plans. The program provides affordable vision care services for employees - at no cost to the employer!
MetLife 2-9 Dental
We offer the following Preferred Dentist Program “point of service” plan designs
(min. of 2 eligible employees)
(Diagnostic & Preventative/
(Diagnostic & Preventative/
13 100/80/50 100/80/50 $50 $50
23 100/80/50 80/60/40 $50 $50
1st Year2nd Year3 100/80/25
$50 $50
  • Groups with 2-4 employees – $1,000
  • Groups with 5-9 employees who have no prior dental coverage – $1,000
  • Groups with 5-9 employees with an annual dental maximum
    of $1,500 in force – $1,000 or $1,500
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MetLife 2-9 Basic Life / Dependent Life
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Life Product Slipsheet
Basic Life & Dependent Life Benefits Description
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Basic Life is the cornerstone of an employee benefits program - delivering peace of mind to employees and employers alike. As the number one issuer of group life insurance with more than 27 million employees covered and $1.6 trillion of coverage in force5, group life insurance from MetLife means dependable protection at competitive and affordable rates.

What's Available:
MetLife 2-9 Basic and Dependent Life are available only when sold with MetLife 2-9 Dental.6
  • Accelerated Benefit Option for employees who become terminally ill and whose life expectancy is certified by a physician to be six months or less.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage available for employees, providing benefits for accidental death, the loss of limb, hand or eyesight.
  • Continued Death Benefits in the event of Total Disability.
  • Conversion Privilege.
  • Dependent Life option for Spouse and Dependent Children.
MetLife 2-9 Basic Life
MetLife 2-9 Basic Life and Dependent Life are available only when sold with
MetLife 2-9 Dental. 2
  • Flat amount of coverage: $20,000, $30,000 or $50,000
  • Multiple of Salary:
    1 x Annual Earnings up to $50,000
    1 x Annual Earnings up to $100,000
In the event of Total
Disability for Basic Life
Benefits reduce by 35 percent at age 65 and by 50 percent of the amount in effect immediately prior to age 65, at age 70 (standard)
Required for:
  • Groups with 2-4 employees
  • Groups with 5-9 employees with amounts in excess of the $20,000 non-medical maximum
  • Employees who were eligible under the prior plan, but did not elect coverage
  • Late enrollees (those employees in contributory plans who do not enroll within 31 days of their eligibility date)
  • Spouse – $2,000
  • Children –
    6 months – 21 years old: $2,000
    15 days – 6 months old: $100
  • Children’s benefit does not cover children less than 15 days old
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MetLife 2-9 Short Term Disability7
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More About MetLife 2-9 STD
STD Product Slipsheet
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A short-term disability can have a long-term financial impact on employees and their families. That's why Short Term Disability (STD) insurance is such a valuable employee benefit. MetLife is ranked #2 in the Group STD market8, offering valuable financial protection for employees against the risk of disability. With over 40 years of group disability plan experience, MetLife works to set the industry standard for quality, innovation and service.

What's Available:
MetLife 2-9 STD is available only when sold with MetLife 2-9 Dental.6
  • Definition of disability focuses on the employer's ability to earn an income rather than the inability to perform specific job functions.
  • Rehabilitation Incentive.
  • No "total" disability required; employee may work while satisfying waiting period.
  • Family Care Expense benefit when participating in a MetLife approved rehabilitation program.9
MetLife 2-9 Short Term Disability
MetLife 2-9 Short Term Disability is available only when sold with MetLife 2-9 Dental. 4
WAITING PERIOD 0 days for injury/7 days for sickness
BENEFIT DURATION Employers may choose one of two benefit durations with our standard product (minimum of 2 eligible employees):
13 Weeks
26 Weeks
EXTENT OF COVERAGE Non-occupational injury and sickness only
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1 Based on covered lives. MetLife market research, March 2004.
2 MetLife statistical claim reports, includes both insured and ASO.
3 Deductible waived for diagnostic and preventative services for plans 1 and 2
4 Groups with no prior dental coverage or without acceptable evidence of prior dental coverage can only choose plan 3.
5 AM Best's Statement File - Life/Health June 2004 based on In Force group life face amount.
6 Requirement may not apply in all jurisdictions.
7 Due to specific regulatory requirements associated with state-mandated plans, MetLife's 2-9 STD plan described above is not available in CA, HI, NJ, NY or RI.
8 LIMRA International 2003 U.S. Group Disability Sales and In Force Survey based on In Force group disability premiums, fees and equivalants.
9 Family Care Expense not approved in NY. Child Care expense only available in NJ.

Coverage Note: Like most group insurance policies, MetLife group policies contain certain exclusions, limitations and reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in force. Your MetLife 2-9 Resource Center can answer any questions about costs and details of coverage.

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